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Hot Dog Bread Roll.

This is a hot dog made with sliced bread instead of making dough.

Fluffy bread!!

Cut out the edges.

Flatten the sliced bread with a rolling pin.

It looks like 'Flat Stanley'.

It is better to use soft bread.

Flat. Flat.


Cut the sausages slightly smaller than the bread.

Cut the mozzarella cheese if necessary.

1 Egg.

1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Spatula Monster is looking for an egg.

Camouflaged egg like a Cameleon. An egg is evolving!

Apply egg mixture at the edge of the bread.

Place cheese and sausage and roll it like Gimbap.

Seal the sides.

If you apply the egg mixture on all three edges, the breadsticks better.

Wow. It sticks very well. Thank you, egg.

The shape of the bread is not important. After rolling, it looks the same.

Hot dog 1, 2, 3...

It keeps falling.

Dip into the egg mixture.

Bread crumbs.

Coat it with bread crumbs evenly.

Press so that the bread crumbs do not fall off.

Last hot dog...

Medium-low heat.

Cooking oil.

Put a hot dog in the pre-heated wok or pan.

Fry it evenly.

I used minimal cooking oil. You can add more to make frying easier.

Delicious sound.

Place them on the stainless net.

Stick a chopstick in a hot dog.

It sounds crispy and yummy.

Ketchup and mustard.

You can apply sugar like the video 'Super Crispy Glutinous Rice Hot dog'.

Let's see the inside...Mouthwatering.

It looks like a normal (Korean) hot dog made with dough.

But it is easier because you can simply use sliced bread.

It is still very good.

Crispy bread and sausage together taste fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. See you again.

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