Matcha Cheesecake [No Oven]

 This cheesecake will not require an oven and is super easy to make :)

For the cookie base, I'll use 100g of finely smashed cookie crumbs. If you have a blender, use it to blend up the cookies into smithereens just like how your crush destroyed your heart :))

Next, I'll add 40g of melted butter into the cookie base

Mix it well for the cookies to absorb all that buttery goodness :)

For this recipe, I'll be using a 15cm mold

Press the cookie base down to form a flat surface, but don't press it too hard or it'll be too hard to eat later

After that, leave it in the fridge to make the cheesecake batter

First, I'll soak 5g of gelatin with 25ml of water for 15min. If you want the cheesecake to be more firm, use 6g instead :)

Next, I'll use 200g of cream cheese. You can find this in any baking ingredients store.

Plop the cream cheese into a bowl and mash it up. Remember to wait for it to warm up to room temp to whisk.

When it's all whisked and soft, I'm going to add 100g of unsweetened yogurt. If you only have sweetened yogurt, reduce 5-10g of sugar in the recipe.

I'm putting 65g of sugar into the bowl. Then mix the batter.

Until the mixture is smooth and everything has been incorporated into each other

Next, I'll put the gelatin from earlier into a bowl of hot water

And the gelatin will melt completely just like your brain when you're talking to your crush :))

Then add it to the cheesecake batter

Like always, mix it until everything is smooth

Now, I'm going to pour 200g of whipping cream into a bowl

And whisk it until the flavor meter is at 70-80%. Don't whisk it for too long like cake icing or the contents will spread later in the batter.

Pour the whipping cream immediately into the batter after whisking

Use a spatula and fold the mixture to mix it. Remember not to mix it wildly or too much or you'll fail :)) I will not take responsibility for that.

Fold it quickly and confidently and the batter will be super flavor and dense like this

Now I'll divide the batter into 2 equal parts. I'll pour the first part into the mold.

And I'm going to add matcha into the other part

Spread the batter evenly and put the mold back into the freezer to set

While waiting, I'm going to make the matcha flavoring. I'm mixing 20ml of hot milk and 7g of matcha powder.

Mix it well because matcha powder lump together and then set it aside to cool

When it is cool, add it to the cheesecake batter from earlier

Again, fold it quickly and gently and do not mix it wildly or the whole thing will fail

Because the color of matcha didn't pop up very well, I added a bit of food coloring. Of course, this is optional :))

After about 20min, the cheesecake will have set enough, so take it out and add the matcha batter

Spread the batter evenly in the mold

And then put the mold back into the fridge for 3-4 hours for the whole thing to set

I'm going to pretend to read a book while waiting to look smart, you know, the usual :)))

To take the cake out, take a warm towel and wring out most of the water

And then use it to go around the mold for 20-30sec to make it easier to get the cake out of the mold

Or you could also use a hairdryer and warm it up for a few seconds

Now let's cut the cake up and feast~~

And she's a beauty :) But there are some air pockets on the side which is very annoying :)))

It has a slight twinge of sourness, and the sweetness is just enough. And just like any good cheesecakes, it's super creamy and delicious.

The matcha fragrance fills your nostrils even when you haven't even taken a bite

Plus the sweet smell of cream cheese and the crunch from the cookie base is enough to make my heart go pitter-patter :))

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