Tiramisu Cake Recipe

Hey hey hey everyone! I'm gonna make Tiramisu today because I'm addicted. Tiramisu sure is popular nowadays, so you guys probably know it already I've been nomming on everything I see lately and I feel like everything tastes so good?? I'm even confused about what my favorite food is We'll start with the foundation. And because I want to show off my crappy egg separator, I'm gonna use it. Luckily today it's working well, none of the eggs failed. 

But it's for showing off, it doesn't matter whether it works or not since you guys still don't have it. After separating the eggs, put in about 1/4 tsp of lemon juice and whisk it Remember to whisk it at low speed and accelerate the speed later. 

When it's almost done, lower the speed again until you get the result While beating the eggs, I'm gonna put in 50g of sugar in 2 intervals. First time when the bubbles are big and the second time when the bubbles are smaller Of course, you guys don't need to copy me and pour in the sugar at perfect timing. just don't wait until the sugar's dissolved, please. 

When you're making sponge cakes with separated egg yolks like these, only beat the eggs till the firm peak, not hard peak or the cake will crack After the eggs are done, put in the 2 egg yolks and use the hand mixer at low speed for 10sec for it to fully mix in with the rest (don't overbeat it or the eggs will be sad and deflate. 

Sieve 35g of cake flour and 10g of cocoa powder into the bowl (you can replace cake flour with 20g of all-purpose flour and 15g of cornstarch) Make it as powdery as possible with your sieve and a spoon. Humid weather makes your powder clump up, especially cocoa powder Use a whisk or spatula to fold the batter like so (don't mix it randomly or it'll fail) Keep staring at my hands and I'm calling the police, ya creep. 

Just search on Youtube if you don't know what the folding technique is, it's the most basic technique in baking Next, put in 15ml of milk and 15g of cooking oil into a bowl Whisk it so it's mixed, not dissolve you fool. I don't think you know this but oil and milk can't dissolve into each other. Is it mind-blowing for your little brain?. Y'all sitting there daydreamin' that your crush likes you back. But they're either 2D or likes your friend. 

Take a small portion of the egg batter and mix it with the milk so it's lighter This makes the milk easier to incorporate into the batter and don't deflate the mixture Now throw the whole thing into the batter bowl Continue with the whole folding technique. Don't try to be cool and use any other techniques, the cake'll fail. You'll never be as cool as me anyways. 

Mix it confidently (I know, hard for low self-esteemed people like you guys) and stop when the batter is smooth You can use either 16 or 18cm molds (preferably with detachable butts. Do remember to prep the pan The batter won't be watery and still has some fluffiness. You can tell through the marbling ò the batter I'm gonna bake this at 160°C in 40mins (of course, the number depends on your oven) I'm putting it on a cooling rack and continue with the evil biddings of baking.) For the cream, drown and murder the gelatin in 20ml of warm water. 

Wait 10-15min for the gelatin's lungs to fill with water. While waiting, have this bowl of 45g sugar (you can change it to taste, but I think this amount is the best) Here we are, back to the showing-off session featuring our guest today, Mr. Barfing Chicken. Ahh, he's still so adorable This time, our vomiting chicken fails at every egg it receives but I'm here to show off so shhh you saw nothing. 

When you're done with that, but the yolks in the sugar pit Whisk it up for the sugar to dissolve Well.. barely dissolved. Take the limp dead corpses of the gelatin and pour it into the sugar bowl We have also invited another guest, the totally adorbs teddy bear pot. (yes that is, in fact, an Ultra Despair Girls reference) Put the whole bowl on the pot, on the stove at low heat. Don't forget to mix it, okay? This step helps the eggs to lose the raw taste. 

But only mix it until the gelatin and sugar dissolve, not until you have scrambled eggs. Take it off the stove to cool and move on with your lives- the baking process I meant. Take 200g of mascarpone and pour it into the cooled mixture (you can find it in baking shops) Mascarpone is a key ingredient in this cake so you can't replace it with anything else Only mix it until it's smooth and don't overdo it Next, I'm gonna open this whipping cream carton so it looks cool. 

Put 180g of whipping cream in a bowl and beat it until it's 80-85% air You should whisk the cream at a firm peak for cold cakes like these because you also need to mix it with something else The hard peaks will only separate when you mix them with other ingredients. Also, it doesn't taste good :( Pour the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture from earlier Use the folding technique again and make the dream of you and your crush come trueeeeee. 

The result is pretty dense and fluffy, not watery at all Next, take the cake foundation from earlier and cut it into 2 Cut it so it fits the 15cm mold I'm using the detachable mold here Stack it up to make the cake's foundation Now we have to make the coffee sauce. This is a defining feature of the cake so you can't skip this step or replace it with 4g of coffee powder + 40ml of hot water Stir until the powder is dissolved and leave it to cool When it's cooled down, pour in some of that adult juice. 

30ml of rum (it won't smell and taste like alcohol) I usually put in more but I'm going to lower the amount for Youtube's sake. Stir it well and start brushing it on the cake The more sauce the cake absorbs, the better it smells and tastes. I made this cake a little dry so it can absorb more of the adult juice sauce mwahahahaha >:D After that, pour the cream into the mold Spread the cream out *resisting the urge to make a dirty joke* and put in the second layer in the middle (cut it so it's about 11-12cm in perimeter) Continue to brush on the coffee sauce. 

I can't drink coffee at all but god do I love the taste. I've always loved coffee-flavored food. Then pour the rest of the cream into the mold (remember to place the second layer right in the middle so it looks good, I messed up and now it's off-centered.) Spread it out evenly and throw it in the fridge so it sets Take it out after 4 hours and prep a warm towel It's only warm, not scorching hot or I'm gonna be very offended. 

Squeeze the life out of that towel to get the water out and pat it around the mold for about 15-20 sec I accidentally pat it for too long because of the loud rain sounds so the cake is too melted and looks very wonky. Usually, it looks better. I'm writing this wall of texts so y'all won't notice it looks like crap so hehe you saw nothin'.))) For the finishing touches, sprinkle on a layer of cocoa powder and you're doneeeeee Depends on how bitter you want it to be, tbh it's not too bitter and it smells so good with the cake too I messed up, again, and cut the cake badly.) Why am I so idiotic. 

It's just cutting a cake but my hands slipped and now the cake's deformed. And I noticed the other mistake of putting the cake layer off-centered. Oh, it's fine I guess, forgive me. It's eating times! Leaving the cake in the fridge overnight tastes better in my opinion (sprinkle in the cocoa powder after taking it out of the fridge) The cake is super soft and the bittersweet flavor of the coffee fits the creamy and fatty taste of the cream so well Plus the rum's smell lingers in your mouth.

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